That awkward 'all about me' post


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Hi there.  I’m Tara.  I’m Canadian.  I live out in the country.  I have a spouse who is much cooler than me, two awesome dirt-biking, lacrosse-loving sons and a rotating cast of happy animals, the king pin of which is our beloved black lab, Gunner.  I love to do a lot of things, but interior design is both my living and my passion.


I’m not one of those designers.   Not a lot of black leather and stilettos exist in my world. Rather, I’m here with my sleeves rolled up, drafting and planning and getting creative with my graph paper and pencil, paint sample fans spread out all over people’s kitchen tables, just doing my damndest to help them love their home.   I believe in working hard with all of their hopes (and all of their ‘I hate these @#$! things’) to come up with an action plan.   With that they can go forth and conquer with direction and purpose and a good solid high five.

I’m pretty down to earth.  I design because I think my clients are awesome and I want them to feel happy and at peace in their homes.  I believe in solving problems in creative ways, of making a house function before polishing it up.   I’m a very practical person so I adore making do with what’s around to make things better for my clients. 

I love a good DIY.  I received a (beloved) compound mitre saw for Christmas one year.  I make pretty much anything I can and I think you should, too!  I believe in getting my hands dirty and going all in.  I’ve made entire beds from pallet wood, taken apart broken dryers and dishwashers, learned how to do the odd plumbing job, started changing the oil in my car.  Armed with the internet and some good direction (shout out to This Old House) I really believe anyone can conquer anything.   I never let fear or common sense stop me, either.   Just to up my Badass Quotient, I also sew, knit, listen to CBC and love to listen to a podcast while I fall asleep at night.  I’m a devoted Dr Wayne Dyer & Louse Hay reader.  Basically, you don’t want to meet me in a dark alley.

I think life is better with awesome people around me.  If you like what I like and you want to hear what I’m up to, chat about interior design and making things, then let’s be friends!