Just what is an Interior Design Consultation, anyway? Series - Part 1

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about just what I do when I go to work for my little company.

Just kidding.  I’ve been getting a lot of puzzled looks and the odd “Oh. Okay.” (awkward silence) I’m sure there are visions of white carpet and ridiculous chandeliers floating in their heads.  I suppose my job can seem a little abstract.

 It turns out that not everyone knows just what an interior design consultant actually does.  People understand what design is but what exactly might I do when I come to their house and what exactly do they get from me? 

First, I love my job.  If I could do something for free every day of my life it would be to knock on strangers’ doors and ask if I could come in and shove their furniture around.  (A friend thinks this would be an awesome thing to do, film, and put on youtube.  I could get famous for momentarily making people feel awkward, followed by making them super happy.)

What do I not do? 

Interior design is a mid-point between interior decoration and architecture.  It’s not choosing wallpaper and shopping for pillows, though I suppose that could be a part of a project.   It’s not decorating your house for Christmas. 

Well, then?

It’s helping your house function its best, getting the bones right (without moving anything structural, because that is the territory of architects and engineers).  Once the space is functioning, then it’s about aesthetics.  Balance, harmony.  I am likely to say ‘you need a large piece of art about *this* big, something really light and bright’.  Then you go shopping and find something you love.  It’s advice and it’s a plan.

Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.
— Steve Jobs

So what exactly will happen when you press that ‘contact me’ button on this website?  Let’s talk about the first stage today.


I will set up an appointment time to meet with you in your home.  In the time before the meeting, you willfill out my intake form to give me a little info about your goals for the space, what kind of design help you are looking for (paint color planning, drafted layouts, idea brainstorming, permit drawings) and your style.  I will set aside about an hour to look through what you have sent me, gather my thoughts and ideas, come up with a few possible game plans, and set aside a package of what we will need for our meeting (usually a bag of random awesomeness like paint sample fans, measuring tape, graph paper & clipboard, camera, tripod, and my ipad with some inspiration photos etc.).  

Coming up in the next post, what will happen on the day of our meeting?