Just what is an Interior Design Consultation, anyway? Series - Part 3

Continuing on with our series, today’s post is all about what happens after I send you your package.

Now what?

You’ve done your part, I’ve done my part, and you’ve done your part again.  We tied a bow on it and then filed it away.  But it doesn’t have to be over for you and me. If you need me to help you decide between two comforters – text me a pic!  If you are suddenly not sure if that big mirror we picked out is tooooo big – text me a pic!  If your husband got cold feet and wimped out of painting the cabinets white and now you don’t know what to do – email and ask!  I will help, really I will.  Any little detail about your project that I can answer in a quick few sentences, hit me up.

What about bigger things?

I always work for people I love and I would love to work with you again, always.  Contact me and we can work together on an hourly basis or we can start all over with a new package.  And if you have someone awesome in your life that is looking for some design help, feel free to spread the good word.   My business is using my interior design degree to help my clients love where they live and my business is growing – I so appreciate your involvement in helping make that happen.