Does Anyone Love Your Handmade Gifts?

What is missing from so many gifts people give is, well, the people themselves.  The relationship between the giver and receiver is a distant whisper.  It’s like somehow the act of giving is the meaning and what exactly is given is not so important.  Aside from the amount it cost, of course.  How hollow and kind of sad.  I’m a big advocate of beautiful, custom, stylish, glorious handmade items.  You might have guessed?

There is something beautifully intangible about a handmade item.  There is great love in a detailed, well-crafted artisan piece.  It’s quality over quantity.  It’s quiet detail over loud proclamations.

The details can make a heart swell  – the colors, the shape, the fabric pattern or etched design, the thought into the purpose.  The receiver is thought of and considered in every small decision and that shows. 

The time a craftsperson put into something is almost felt.  Handmade items spend time in the physical presence of the maker.  That good energy is absolutely felt when the recipient opens the gift and for a lifetime afterward.   Some of my most valued possessions are the simple things my loved ones have spent time with.

I am a believer in becoming an expert in a craft.  A maker.  An artisan.  Find your love and research.  Read.  Then read some more.  Take a course.  Take an online course.  Examine pictures.  Pour through blogs.  Practice.  Get to that next level.  Try lots of new things.   And then, when you are ready, take that love and spread it around.

What sets your heart on fire?   Go on.  Share a little of that with those you love.  I can promise you that you’ll feel so fulfilled and they’ll feel so beautifully happy.  Create something wonderful – you won’t regret it.