For my clients that are not local or prefer to do things online, I offer this virtual design option!  Do you want to paint your room but are a bit unsure of just what would look best or if the color you want to use would look right?   This is a quick and dirty, completely online, design color consultation - you provide the details of your room, send me a few digital photos, and we will discuss via email your project goals and color preferences.  From there, the completed color specifications (paint color brand & # as well as a color sample) & 3-5 edited digital photos will be sent back to you in a neat package.  I have the full Benjamin Moore paint studio installed in my Photoshop program, so the exact paint colors we discuss will be used in your digital photo edits.  You will be able to see just what your room will look like with the suggested colors painted on the walls and move forward with your painting project with complete confidence!


Do you need a plan?  Some solid professional advice that will answer your questions to help you pull your room together and get you moving forward?  An online interior design consultation will allow for a full consultation via email, photos and online sharing where we can go over your project in detail. I will use my experience in the interior design field to help you work through all the issues that are on your mind and come up with a solid plan for getting your space into shape.  After gathering all of the information (from your issues to your inspiration for what your home could be) I will email you a full list of actionable steps along with detailed notes telling you just what I suggest you do (and how to do it) to get where you want to be.  You will have all the inspiration and guidance you need to get started on your project when we are done!  Most projects take 2 - 4 hours and I will give you a time quote before I start working.

$100/ hour