The Impact of Good Interior Design: Peace, Order & Comfort

The Impact of Good Interior Design:  Peace, Order & Comfort

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the bigger picture of interior design, why it matters, why it’s more than just aesthetics, being stylish and (the worst, most cringe-worthy label), just plain snobbery.  I’m just not into any of that kind of thing, really (like, so incredibly not), so I have been scratching an itch in my brain for weeks, wondering why I feel so strongly about design then. 

I feel so deeply that there is something so important about regular old good design, well thought out with common sense, beautiful, good design.  Design that just makes daily life better.  Design for the people.  (haha)  Explaining that, however, doesn’t come easy to me.   I mean, if I was a teacher I would feel deep in my heart that public education is a fundamental right and that being a safe and happy place in a child’s life was a privilege and an honor.  I could tell anyone, anywhere about the importance of the heart and soul of my career.  It gets a little trickier with my own career though, which can be perceived as an indulgence of the wealthy and snotty.  (By the way, in my nearly 20 years in the design field I have never actually encountered one of these clients, so it’s not just my opinion here.) 

I do feel it, though, that this thing I’m passionate about has meaning and in all the thinking I’ve been doing I came to a conclusion:  it’s all about helping people create a safe haven.  And that is vital and it matters.  It matters if you are a young newlywed couple, it matters if you are a bachelor, it matters if you are a child, it matters if you are a newly widowed grandma.  We all deserve and crave, at a very deep and primal level, a home that makes us feel good and safe.

So, I’m wondering – am I right?  What are you seeking at home? 

Peace, order, comfort, love?


The feeling you have when you are at home is a fundamental part of who we are.  Feeling good when you are in your home, when you are in your kitchen or in your bedroom is important.  It sets the framework for your life, for how you feel about yourself, your life, your relationships, your kids.  When you feel at peace, when you feel happy and proud of your home, you feel good about yourself.  Feeling good about yourself allows you to go out into the world with positivity and energy and confidence.  It matters.  It matters to yourself, to the quality of your relationship, to the happiness of your kids.


You need to pull yourself out of chaos and the burden of a house you don’t love.  Living somewhere overwhelming or draining or depressing is not what you deserve in life, not what your family deserves.  You can make simple changes that make things better.  These things do not need to take money but they will take thought and time and effort - it is worth it.   Your home and space is a reflection of your energy and your life.  Having an orderly home is a peaceful refuge, and that is important.


There are deep psychological reasons that having a space that is peaceful and orderly and happy and comfortable builds something fantastic deep within us. Your kids will thrive in a happy home, your relationship will be better.  A happier home makes everyone feel good.   When people feel good they are able to laugh more, to have that inner peace we are all trying to protect.  It matters.  It’s not just aesthetics.  It’s a reflection of how you feel about yourself and your family and it changes the way your kids feel about themselves as they grow up. 

Having a home that feels comfortable to us, brings peace to our families and order to our lives is a beautiful goal, isn’t it?  And there’s nothing even remotely snobby about that!

What are you seeking at home right now – I’d love to know!

Hi, I'm Tara.  I'm a professional interior designer living in rural Canada where I help the practical & down-to-earth to love where they live.  I offer professional interior design services in person and online and am the author of a design & style guide to Living With Oak.

I believe you can become a happier person in a more beautiful home and I’m here to guide you in creating a practical plan to pull it all together. I’m here to offer interior design advice and inspiration to help you make that happen.