White Bathroom Design Scheme Mini-Guide

White Bathroom Design Scheme Mini-Guide


Simple. Efficient. Beautiful. Done.

Everything you need to put together your white bathroom in 3 simple, styled groupings that will work.

Exact product names, codes & links to purchase or research.

This 4 page PDF digital file contains 3 design schemes.

Each coordinated and styled design includes things such as: WALL & TRIM PAINT COLORS, FLOORING, FURNITURE, BEDDING, ART, ACCESSORIES, AND LIGHTING.


A download link will be immediately emailed to you after purchase. Extra detailed download instructions are in the order confirmation email. Just a reminder that this is a digital product - no physical book exists.

The PDF file is 4 pages long and includes 3 full design schemes for the specific room on the cover.

Each page contains 20+ images detailing everything from paint colors to art & accessories and each image is clickable and shoppable from common retailers in the USA (all items are also available to be shipped or purchased in Canada, but I can’t speak for certain for other countries.)

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