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If you feel like you just can’t live another year with your house just not feeling like YOU, but you also know it’s just not in the cards to rip it all out and start over right now, you are in the right place.

Let me guess… You’ve been searching for design help online, going down every rabbit hole, reading every blog post you find on Pinterest, collecting all kinds of inspiration images (but even those are all over the map), and reading every article you can find that might help… but you still feel overwhelmed?

How do you create an organized framework to work through this project? How are you sure it’s even going to look good in the end? Where do you even start?


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Hi, I’m Tara!

I’m a professional interior designer and owner of True Design House. My daily grind is helping down-to earth and practical people to love where they live. I use my almost 20 years of interior design experience to clear away the overwhelm and guide you through taking your home from where it’s at now, to where you want it to be.

I love interior design and I want it to be easy for you, which is why I’ve created blog posts, a series of digital design guides and an e-book, while also working with clients, both online and locally, every day.

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Is this really going to help me?

This book is a bit of positive mindset work, a bit of design school and a bit of practical process.

It's an abundance of ideas to get you going.

I will take you through how to set up a framework and a plan so that you will be able to strategically create a home that you love, even if there is honey oak from baseboard to crown molding.

Don’t waste any more time looking for advice or any more money on wrong decisions. I will take you through the process and explain everything in detail.

By the end of the book, you are going to feel confident and excited to get started!

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Is this e-book for me?

You probably know what you love, and if things were different you would launch a complete renovation and create what you love from the ground up or maybe just build a brand new house but, whatever your reasons are, time or money or practicality or a spouse that just loves nostalgic oak kitchens (or just isn’t bothered by things enough to invest in a major change), here you are.

For most of my clients who are living in a house that isn’t aligned with the images they have saved to their ‘dream house’ board on Pinterest, they just want their home to feel better. They want it to look great, they want to feel proud to have friends and family over, to feel happy when they come home and open the door. That is all definitely possible, even with an abundance of oak!

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What exactly is included?

This 71 page book will get you inspired, take you through some design basics, and guide you through how to set up your design project, complete with several detailed boards showing you just how to put together your home in a stylish, well-designed way, oak and all!

Two formats of the book are included: PDF & epub.

Bonus content!

Includes a bonus parcel of 5 separat styled, click-able, shop-able design boards, showing you exactly what to buy and from where, to create the looks in each of the 5 inspiration boards in the book. The links include things like art, furniture, lighting, tile, accessories and paint samples.


Want to peek at a few pages?


The little details you might be wondering about:


  • A download link will be immediately emailed to you after purchase. Reminder that this is a digital product only, no physical product exists.

  • Computer users: The book can easily be downloaded & saved on a computer (desktop or laptop). It can be read online or with any PDF reader.

  • Android users: click and download on your device. The PDF can be viewed with Acrobat Reader.

  • Apple IOS users: If you have an iOS device, and you'd like to view the eBook on your mobile device, copy and paste the download link into your mobile browser of choice, and open the file in iBooks. Clicking the download link directly gives some users trouble (just a white screen), so copying and pasting the link directly into a browser is the solution.


  • Two formats of the book are included: PDF & epub.

  • The book can be read on a computer (with any internet browser or using a PDF reader like Adobe), on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), or on an e-reader that uses epub files.

  • The PDF book contains the extra content at the back of the book:

  • Epub book: there is a button on page 68 that will take you directly to the download for the epub version of the book.

  • Bonus content: at the end of the book are 5 styled groupings of items that will all work together to create rooms in each style. Each image is a clickable, shop-able link.

  • The book is about 60 pages of content - there are 71 pages in total, including title pages, the table of contents, the cover and bonus content.

  • There are images and/or graphics on almost every page, especially when needed to explain something.


Take a deep breath and know that even if you are feeling a little stuck right now, even if all the oak in your house is getting you down and you’re not sure what the next right thing is, it is possible to create an updated, stylish home that you love, without touching the oak.

I'm so happy for you to get started and I can't wait to see how you transform your home!

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