The Best Wall Paint Colors for a Restful Bedroom

Choosing the right wall color for your bedroom is kind of a big deal! 

Your bedroom is the most intimate, private space in your home and because of that it tends to be almost a physical representation of your inner self.  How you feel when you are in that space sets the tone for the rest of your day, which is why a restful wall color is so important.  Sleep and restoration are vital to our well being but there are also some other things to consider when choosing a wall color.  There are a few things to consider when choosing a wall color that will make your bedroom your favorite place in the house.



The colors that are best for a restful bedroom provide a rich, calm, neutral backdrop to the space. 

These paint colors are all a good balance of warm and cool, which is important as you want this room to look great in the dim light of an evening lamp as well as in the morning sun. 



Remember the importance of the Psychology of Color

To say that color affects mood is a subtle understatement – color absolutely shapes our emotional state.  The space where you go to recharge needs to have a color that fits well with what’s most important to you.  (Bedroom goals, anyone?) 



There are the three main aspects I think about when choosing a bedroom paint color

There are three things I think about when choosing bedroom paint colors and though I try to make sure that a color will work for all three areas, I know that everyone has a different priority so I focus on one area first.  For example, it’s possible you want a really cheerful bedroom and that is your priority, then I would say go for a color that nails that, but just take a moment to think of the other areas and make sure it’s not a total clash.  If you can find a color that feels right in all of these scenarios, you’ve nailed it. 

Is it Cheerful & uplifting?

Is it Peaceful & calming?

Is it in line with your relationship goals - romantic, feminine, masculine? 


Think of your room as a palette of colors

After painting the walls that perfect neutral, layer 3-5 colors, textures or patterns throughout the room for a cohesive look.  This is the time to get bold with your colors if you want to, or to really play up a soft monochromatic look.  By creating the neutral backdrop and layering in several ‘louder’ colors or statement pieces, you will have so much more flexibility and your space will feel so much more polished.  Put samples of the color palette together, including the furniture and flooring colors, before you start adding in bedding, accessories or art to make sure the colors are going to fit together in the style you’re hoping for.


restful bedroom.jpg

Here are my picks for the best wall paint colors for a restful bedroom.

Use this list as a starting point. 

Print it out and take it to the paint store, gather some samples and see what you love.  Lighting conditions are the most critical factor in how paint looks in a room and whether it will work or not, so paint a few samples and test the color out in all the lighting conditions the room will normally see.  Most importantly, just go for it!  Get started and find something you love – you deserve a restful bedroom!

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